Serialized Inventory
Management Solution

For Multiple Products Management

Serialized Inventory Management Solution

Inventory tracking through unique serial numbers is called inventory serialization. Serialized inventory offer accuracy compared to homogeneous inventory control through SKU numbers. ERP Gold offers complete solution with customization for serialized inventory management. Our inventory serialization solution can be used in cellphone business where Unique IMEI serial numbers can be used to track and manage inventory of cellphones and it can be used in many other industries where business aim to track, control and manage their inventory through unique serial numbers for greater inventory efficiency and productivity.

We have serialized inventory for following solutions.

Serialized (IMEI) Inventory Management for Cellphone Wholesalers, Retailers and Repair Businesses

Our serialized (IMEI) Inventory Management for cell phone wholesalers allows users to control mobile inventories easily with unique serial numbers. It enables to track mobile devices through IMEI at every stage of operations starting from PO to Warehouse, Triage, Repair Testing, Kitting and Attaching to an order.

IoT Devices & Sensors Serialized Inventory Management System

IoT devices and sensors carrying unique serial numbers is another place where serialized inventory management and tracking play a major role. By sorting them through their own unique serial numbers their inventory management becomes very easy and efficient. It can also help you in identify and replacing any faulty IoT sensors and devices quickly with no waste of time.

Auto Parts Serialized Inventory

Auto industry and its inventory management is no more about normal SKU inventory but with the latest trends like hybrid cards, electric cards and green fuel efficient cards, all cars are using sensors and chips with unique serial numbers and serialized inventory can be a relief in situations where you need to recall and replace any faulty car batch or need to replace faulty parts.

Serialized Electronics Equipment Inventory Management

Classify and record inventory of Electronics and IT related equipment like Computer parts, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Card, and Hard disks etc. or use it for any other Electronics and telecommunication devices to manage and control unique serialized inventory. Use the unique identification codes for efficient inventory control and tracking directly from ERP Gold.

Serialized Medical Devices Management solutions

ERP Gold understands the full spectrum of challenges associated with regulatory compliance for Medical Devices. We offer serialized inventory solutions and aim to be the trusted inventory management services provider for the world’s leading pharma brands. Our flexible serialized inventory solutions help you meet the requirements and achieve compliance anywhere in the world. Inventory traceability through serialization improve the quality and efficiency of devices and their component’s production and packaging and minimize counterfeiting risks.