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Inventory Software

For Cell Phone Wholesale Retail, Repair, Trading
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IMEI Tracking Inventory Management Software Fulfills Most R2 Requirements

ERP Gold offers IMEI Tracking cell phone Inventory Management Software to track mobile device inventories and control your entire cell phone inventories through barcode scanner app for inventory.

IMEI Tracking Inventory Management

Our IMEI Tracking Inventory Management Software enables you to track your mobile devices through IMEI at every stage of operations starting from PO to Warehouse, Triage, Repair Testing, Kitting and Attaching to an order.

Cell Phone Wholesale Inventory Software

Our cell phone wholesale inventory system with imei serial number allows users to control mobile inventories easily with unique serial numbers. ERP Gold serialized inventory tracking offers full inventory control with unique serialization of your inventory.

Repaired Devices Tracking

Our IMEI tracking inventory management software tracks the current status and stage of mobile devices in different phases of repairing process. It also update us about expected deliverable time to our customers and the estimated repair costs which can be incurred.

Multi Channel Marketplaces Order Management

ERP Gold’s multi channel ERP Software helps you to manage your online business across popular marketplaces. It is the best Ebay and Amazon inventory management system at low cost with customize options.

How our IMEI Tracking Works

Cell phone Wholesale Inventory Software

Our cell phone wholesale inventory software can perform Stage Tracker, PO Management, Testing & Grading, Repair & RMA Reporting & Order IMEI Attachment

Advantages Of ERP Gold’s Customized Inventory Software

All-in-one system built and support by a team who understand your needs.
A system that is customizeable so you keep doing Business your way and affordable that helps you save.

Multi channel (Marketplaces) integration

With ERP Gold, integrate third party APIs so you can manage all your online Marketplaces like Amazon, ebay and Walmart from one location. ERP Gold multi-channel (Marketplaces) offers Inventory Control, sync & management with Marketplaces, Order Management, Online Shipping, Tracking & Labeling